Laneige Sleeping Ball

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5ea, it’s able to mix, write the options to memo please. free gift – mask sheet 1ea

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Laneige Sleeping Ball option


Water Sleeping Ball
Intensive moisture sleeping mask makes skin look clear and revitalized just like morning skin after a good night’s sleep, with the purification function of Sleep-tox™ while you sleep.

Firming Sleeping Ball
Moisturizing elasticity sleeping pack restores elastic skin while you sleep.

Hand Sleeping Ball
Hand Sleeping Mask makes rough, dry hands feel moisturized and soft during the night.

Foot Sleeping Ball
Foot Sleeping Mask makes rough feet caused by stubborn dead skin cells feel smooth and moisturized.

Whitening Sleeping Ball
Whitening Sleeping Pack restores bright skin while you sleep.

Homme Sleeping Ball
Sleeping Pack provides abundant moisture to men’s rough skin.


How to use

Apply an appropriate amount on the entire face before going to bed at night, and then wash off the next morning.

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Firming Sleeping Ball, Foot Sleeping Ball, Hand Sleeping Ball, Homme Sleeping Ball, Water Sleeping Ball, Whitening Sleeping Ball